The Freedom and Care Ministry is here to provide ministry and assistance to individuals and families who call Lifepoint Church home.

Lifepoint desires to come walk beside you if you are struggling with sickness or disease, in the midst of the passing of a loved one, or needing individual, pre-marriage, marriage, or family counsel from a Christ-centered perspective.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
~ Galatians 5:1


We use Degrees of Responsibility to help identify how to engage in freedom and/or care situations:

  • Personal Responsibility

    We can't put or project our own baggage on other people and expect a healthy community. The first Degree of Responsibility is personal responsibility.

    Taking personal responsibility for care is when you take the necessary steps to sort through your own emotional, spiritual, and physical triggers. A good example of this would be going to counseling, reading a recommended book, or joining a Skill Group specifically related to an area of personal development.

    Find current and upcoming Skill Groups Here!


    We are not meant to walk alone. This means doing life together and being there for one another. The second Degree of Responsibility is sharing responsibility with our community.

    It's noticing things going on in each others' lives, being authentic and honest about them, but not necessarily solving problems or trying to have all the answers. Instead, it's praying together, being present for one another, and offering practical support. At Lifepoint, this primarily takes place through Community Groups.

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    There are things that happen in life that are above the "pay grade" of a Community Group (Shared Responsibility). This is where the third Degree of Responsibility comes in.

    We desire that Groups would be the primary place where our people experience and engage in pastoral and practical care. But there are situations that may require some professional intervention with our trained group of volunteers. There are people in our church equipped to help in these situations.

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We have various opportunities, programs, groups, and partners available to support the church. If you desire Lifepoint's presence with you in any physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, or financial situations, please fill out the Care Request Form below. Once this is submitted, someone from the Freedom and Care Team will respond to your request.


Tell Your Story

If you have a story to tell of God's goodness, we want to hear it! Testimony is a powerful way to encourage others in our freedom journeys. Share about the way you have been impacted through a Group, experienced freedom or healing, or have seen truth revealed! Let your story give hope to someone who isn't sure it is worth it to hold on!

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Care Cohort

What is a Cohort?

The Care Cohort is a monthly gathering that provides space for our Freedom and Care Ministry Team, Group Leaders, and others to grow in their ability to lead, care, and shepherd others. Each month, we will read or watch two or three different resources, and then will gather with a small group of others to share our thoughts, ask questions and learn with each other. 

Want to Join?

Whether you belong to the Freedom and Care Ministry Team, lead Freedom and Care groups, or just want to lead one day within Lifepoint, 

we'd love to have you join us!