Membership MAtters

Thank you for being interested in membership here at Lifepoint Church. 

Membership is a two-way relationship at Lifepoint. It clarifies expectations for you as the member and us as the church leadership; these are most clearly expressed in the Relational Commitments. An outline of the membership process is available below, as well as your next opportunity to attend Membership Matters.

Membership Process

Your first step in becoming a member is to attend Membership MattersWe will meet to discuss membership matters (e.g. our church history, our theology, our bylaws, our church leadership and church government) as well as why membership matters (e.g. personal connection, relational commitment, and missional calling). This will be a great opportunity to get to know our leadership and ask any questions you may have about membership at Lifepoint.

Within Membership Matters, you will be encouraged to read and discuss any questions about our Bylaws, especially our Statement of Theology, and our Relational Commitments. This is important because agreeing with these documents is required in order to become a member, so come with questions ready.

Once you have attended Membership Matters and have read and agreed with the Bylaws and the Relational Commitments, your next step is to submit your Membership Application. After we have received your application, we will schedule a time to meet with you individually to discuss any questions you still may have and to schedule an opportunity to present you as a member to the congregation.

Your Next Opportuntiy!

Your next opportunity to attend Membership Matters will be January 23rd and 30th 2022.