Family Camp 2022

We are looking forward to our upcoming Family Camp!

Family Camp: Make and Take

Mornings at Lifepoint for Elementary kids

We will begin with an interactive lesson and then get creative!

Family Camp: Come and Play

Evenings for the ENTIRE Family

We will meet at various times and places.

More information below!

Make & Take Mornings

We have a different focus for each of our Family Camp mornings. Please register your elementary student for each individual event.

Time: 10-11:30am

  • Bleach Shirts

    Bring a black t-shirt and get ready to transform it into something you will love to wear anywhere!

    Register here      Volunteer here         Donate here

  • Planter Building

    Planting seeds is kinda fun but using hammers, nails, and wood to build a home for your new plant is SO much more fun!

    Register here       Volunteer here       Donate here   

  • Wood Painting creations

    Have you ever wanted to try to paint something but you weren't sure how to make it look the way you wanted? Here's your chance to have fun and create your very own masterpiece that you can display!

    Register here    Volunteer here   Donate here   

  • Marshmallow shooters

    Did someone say marshmallow war? We are ending our Family Camp mornings with a marshmallow blow-out!

    Register here    Volunteer here    Donate here   

Come & Play

For the ENTIRE Family!