Get Connected

Thank you for being willing to connect with us. We believe connection is vital to our Christian faith; connection with God, with one another, and with our community. We encourage you to take the first step of connection by joining us on Sunday mornings.

  • Check out our calendar for upcoming events, ministry happenings, and sign-ups!

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  • If you have already visited us on a Sunday but wish to connect further, get more information about starting a relationship with Jesus, discipleship, available ministries, membership and more.

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  • One of the ways we connect to God is through prayer; this connection is extended to one another as we pray for each other. We would love the opportunity to pray with you and for you about the things which God has laid on your heart.

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  • If you are hurting, struggling to make ends meet, or experiencing major life events like a birth, an adoption, hospitalization, a life-altering illness, death, or bereavement, we'd like to be there for you. We want to lift you up and support you spiritually and practically.

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  • We desire that each person finds a local church where they can fully connect. If you believe Lifepoint is where God is calling you to connect, consider becoming a member of our church family by attending Membership Matters.

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